Telling your story emotively will allow me to capture the emotions within you and your little ones, and remind you of those memories for years to come. I will show the wind blowing through your hair as you hug your baby, and I will capture all those precious moments for future generations. In your photos, you should pause to reflect upon the moments paused in time that put a smile on your face. I want you to recall your little ones as babies, remember all the times they made you smile, and remember that the hardship of motherhood was worth it.

Not your typical family photographer here.


It's an honor to be your official BFF, no really, I am your biggest fan and I will always cheer you on. Let me tell you a bit about myself before we get to know you better.

Rather than looking at a camera and saying cheese, I want photography to be a way of channeling emotion in a photo I want to treasure. I want to look back on the photographs and feel a sense of home as I age.

I am a mom to three wild boys, a family photographer living in San Diego, California, and a cookie junkie. If I could eat cookies all day I would. I have a wanderlust and love being in nature and traveling. Nature is definitely my jam. Being an introvert, I spend most of my time at home creating stories for you.

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"10/10 would recommend Danielle Marie Rangel for pics. She did our maternity pictures (days before my due date and I was carrying a 12 pound baby.. so you can imagine how gross I felt) and not only did she make me look and feel ABSOLUTELY incredible, my husband and I had such a fun time with our session."