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        Women cutting cord of baby April 26, 2019

        Melissa’s Home Birth | Henderson, NV Birth Photographer

        This was my very first home birth and it was so magical it started my journey in wanting to capture births. Women are so magical, we are able to bring life into the world. Home births ...
        Baby being born April 19, 2019

        Surrogate Mother | Whitney| Henderson, NV Birth Photographer

        This morning I got the pleasure of meeting a beautiful mother who gave the gift of surrogacy for another couple. I walked into the room and I was greeted by Whitney and her family who were also ...
        Women in birth pool April 7, 2019

        Silvana’s Home Birth Story | Henderson,NV Home Birth Photographer

        I met this beautiful mother through one of my Doula friends who I adore very much. She was located about 60 minutes away from me so as soon as I got the call I headed out. Of ...
        Women giving birth on toilet April 7, 2019

        Angelina’s Home Birth Story | Henderson, NV Home Birth Photographer

        I met Angelina through facebook where she then told me she was going to have her second home birth without any midwives or doctors and I had to accept it. I got a call in the middle of th...